Sortify – a recycling waste bin for outdoor use

In a park, in town center, on a beach or on a playground — wherever you need a steady and commodious waste bin — Sortify is a perfect choice.

It has been developed in tight cooperation with municipalities that resulted in a construction, which is suited for different types of weather and other external influences.

Sortify has a heavy concrete base in order to avoid the need for anchoring the product to the ground and it also has openings suited for a forklift in order to make it easily portable where it is needed the most.

Sortify allows waste sorting in up to 4 fractions.

Choice of waste fractions is fitted according to need and is illustrated by informative and clear decals.

Recycling is a good way to demonstrate your environmental efforts. Make sure to profile your company.

Moreover, stylish waste bins contribute to reduced littering!

Let us help you design your Sortify bin!

170 Swedish municipalities enjoy having Sortify.


  • Material
    1,5 - 3 mm Magnelis
  • Weight
    230 kg
  • Length / width
    70 cm
  • Height
    110 cm
  • Volume per fraction
    70 liters
  • Total volume
    280 liters
  • Color
  • Decals
  • Sack system
    125 liter plastic bags