Papaya is an interior detail with an exclusive look that can be customized to the room’s design and color palette.

No more plastic Bags

Papaya is waste bin that does not require plastic bags. An average hotel with 100 rooms and 70% occupation uses 25 500 plastic bags annually (plus those that are generated in bathrooms, lobby, conference rooms, etc). Plastic bags carry with them a range of unnecessary problems:

  • 1. They steal a lot of time (take out, tear off, unfold, put around, make a knot, take off, tie together, throw into a larger sack on a cleaning trolley).
  • 2. They cost: per unit and per seconds of extra time.
  • 3. They comprise a large part of the total waste that a hotel generates, both when it comes to weight and volume. Superfluously.
  • 4. They spoil not only a waste bin’s appearance by covering a large part of it, but in addition also the appearance of the room.

Enrivonmentally friendly? – No! Unnecessary expense? – Definitely!

Marketing communication tool

Papaya is a strong marketing communication tool developed for hotels that work with sustainable development on a large scale, though mostly behind the curtain, and want to demonstrate and promote their environmental profile to their guests.

Guest doesn’t see = guest doesn’t know.


Papaya offers a possibility to create homogeneity throughout the waste collection system by customizing the product to the lobby, conference rooms, the spa and other public areas, thereby tying the waste system together both functionally and aesthetically.

Why Papaya?

  • A strong marketing tool for hotels that work with sustainable development and want to demonstrate / communicate that to their guests
  • Interior design detail with an exclusive look
  • Gives a possibility to create homogeneity throughout waste collection: room -> lobby -> conference rooms & other public areas.

Customization? Of course!

  • Colour / colour combination
  • Decals
  • Number of recycling fractions
  • Height

With sustainability in mind

  • Plastic container inside is made out of 100 % recycled PP-plastic.
  • Aluminum hexagons contain 60-70 % recycled aluminum.
  • The whole product is 100 % recyclable.