Recycling in public environment – Sortify

We are a leading supplier of modern, stylish and customized recycling systems and bins for both indoor and outdoor environment. Recycling should be a natural thing not only at home, but anywhere else. Our products is an important link in recycling chain which will increase recycling rate and contribute to sustainable development.  Read more about our products here.

Overall concept

We offer our clients help the whole way with consulting, modeling and graphic design. Making our customers happy is very important to us!

Our ambition

By involving our potential clients in product development in order to be aware of relevant demands and requirements, we strive to be the best supplier of customized, environmentally friendly and designed products for recycling and waste management in public environment.


We always involve potential customers in product development process in order to be aware of relevant demands and requirements. Focus lies on ergonomics, function and design.

Environmental profiling

Remember that recycling is a very good way to strengthen your environmental profile – because everybody sees it!

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